Frequently asked questions

What are alternative motorway services?

Alternative motorway services are businesses that are located near the motorway however are not classed as motorway service stations. These businesses include supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, pharmacies, car garages and recreational places which can be used as an alternative stop off to break up a long journey.

How far away are the services listed?

Our aim is to provide services within a 5 minute drive of the junction. We have included some services a little further away in some instances to give our users more choice.

Why do some junctions have multiple junction numbers?

Some motorway junctions are close together and therefore the same services apply to both. In these cases we have joined the two junctions together. Please check the road layout as sometimes you may exit at one junction and return at the next.

How do I know if the junction has restricted access?

A number of motorway junctions have restricted access where there is only a northbound or southbound exit and re-entry. We have a warning message on the junction services page to advise if there are any restrictions and what they are.

How can I update a service that has changed name or closed?

Please use one of the forms on our contacts page to inform us of any changes. Please provide as much information as possible and we will gladly update our database.

Why do you also list official motorway services?

Our aim is to provide all of the options for a break from driving. By providing both official Motorway Services and alternative motorway services it gives our users the most choice of where to stop off.

Do you have a feedback page?

We currently don't have a feedback page on our site. If you wish to pass on any positive feedback please use our Twitter and Facebook pages. If you have any comments or features you would like us to add please use the features on our contact page.

How can I add my business to Justoffjunction?

To check if your business is eligible to be listed on our site please check if it belongs to one of the service categories we list e.g places to eat, places to sleep, car repair garages, supermarkets, pharmacies and entertainment places. Next check the distance from the motorway, on goolemaps right click on the motorway junction exit and select directions from here, then find your business, right click on it and select directions to here. This will provide a driving distance and time. If your within 5 minutes please fill out our contact service form on our contact page to provide details of your business and we will get you added.

Do you charge to list businesses?

Justoffjuction does not charge for listing businesses. We feel this would limit the number of businesses listed and therefore restrict the service we provide to our users. So if you have a business you would like to list please contact us and we will add it for free.

Can I add a logo for my business?

We haven't perfected our contact page yet so if you have a logo you wish to add please email it to us with the name and motorway junction and we will add it.

If you have any questions which we haven't answered above please get in touch by email or through our contact forms.

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To find services please use our service finder by selecting a motorway and junction: