Pubs off the M60

Pubs near M60 motorway junctions

Pubs and restaurants off the M60 motorway

We list 16 pubs within a few minutes of M60 motorway junctions to break up a long journey. Find country pubs, carvery's, grill restaurants and many more just off the M60 motorway.

M60 Family friendly places to eat

If you're traveling with children lookout for family friendly pubs off the M60 Motorway. We also list features like childrens play areas under facilities to help you find the right place for you to take a break.

M60 Pubs

Company Name Location Facilities Distance
Table Table Christie FieldsTable Table, Christie FieldsM60, Junction 5Garden
Premier Inn
Family Friendly
1.4 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 5
Table Table The Mersey FarmTable Table, The Mersey FarmM60, Junction 8Garden
Premier Inn
Family Friendly
1.4 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 8
Moss Vale Hotel Moss Vale Hotel, M60, Junction 9-0.3 Miles (1 Min) from Junction 9
Table Table Swingbridge InnTable Table, Swingbridge InnM60, Junction 10Premier Inn
Family Friendly
0.5 Miles (1 Min) from Junction 10
Lloyds No.1 Bar Castle In The AirLloyds No.1 Bar, Castle In The AirM60, Junction 10Family Rooms
Car Park
0.5 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 10
Greene King The John GilbertGreene King, The John GilbertM60, Junction 13Beer Garden
0.9 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 13
Brewers Fayre Worsley Old HallBrewers Fayre, Worsley Old HallM60, Junction 13Family Friendly
0.8 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 13
Greene King BridgewaterGreene King, BridgewaterM60, Junction 13Beer Garden
0.8 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 13
Joseph Holt Golden LionJoseph Holt, Golden LionM60, Junction 16Outdoor Area
0.3 Miles (1 Min) from Junction 16
Flaming Grill The Robin HoodFlaming Grill, The Robin HoodM60, Junction 16Family Friendly
0.3 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 16
Orchid Pubs Wilton Arms HotelOrchid Pubs, Wilton Arms HotelM60, Junction 19Outdoor Area
Premier Inn
0.4 Miles (2 Mins) from Junction 19
J.W Lees Boat & HorsesJ.W Lees, Boat & HorsesM60, Junction 21-0.9 Miles (3 Mins) from Junction 21
J.W Lees Sheldon ArmsJ.W Lees, Sheldon ArmsM60, Junction 23Beer Garden
Family Friendly
Free WiFi
1.1 Miles (4 Mins) from Junction 23
Harvester Ashton MossHarvester, Ashton MossM60, Junction 23Family Friendly
1.3 Miles (5 Mins) from Junction 23
Brewers Fayre The Stable GateBrewers Fayre, The Stable GateM60, Junction 24Family Friendly
Premier Inn
0.7 Miles (4 Mins) from Junction 24
Orchid Pubs The BandstandOrchid Pubs, The BandstandM60, Junction 24Outdoor Area
Family Friendly
Fuzzy Ed's
1.2 Miles (4 Mins) from Junction 24

More than just pubs

JustoffJunction list many more places to eat than just pubs like bakeries, fastfood, chip shops as well as other services like accommodation and petrol stations. If you want to find the full list of services we list off the M60 select our M60 Motorway page or select a motorway and junction from our junction finder below.